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Yikes, lovely! Vernada x Ommelinen collaboration jewelry has found its way into our selection. The design, design and implementation of the jewelry is entirely the work of Vernada's Anne Vuorela. You can also find the same beautiful patterns in our fabric selection. The jewelry made of high-quality Finnish birch plywood is comfortably light and inconspicuous to wear. With the help of fun jewelry, you complete any style. The jewelry is perfect as a small treat for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

  • Button width approx. 1.5 cm and length approx. 2.6 cm
  • Domestic birch plywood
  • Metal parts: steel 304
  • The button is closed with a metal stopper
  • Design and implementation: Anne Vuorela, Vernada

The jewelry is delivered packed in a beautiful and practical box, where it is also easy to store them carefree.

Wooden jewelry does not like moisture or chemicals, so please avoid exposing it to them.

Kuosisuunnittelija: Anne Vuorela


Kotimainen koivuvaneri
Metalliosat: teräs 304
Napin lukkona metallistoppari


Puiset korut eivät pidä kosteudesta tai kemikaaleista, joten vältäthän korujen altistamista niille.

    The tone of the picture is indicative. The characteristics of the screen affect the reproduction of colors.

    Korvakorut, Lehti - nappi - Ommellinen
    Korvakorut, Lehti - nappi - Ommellinen
    Korvakorut, Lehti - nappi - Ommellinen