The Near collection combines Ommelinen's clothes and accessories with Marjaana Niskanen's patterns, respecting domestic handicrafts. The story has started together with my friend and entrepreneur Marjaana, getting excited and creating something new. Our friendship goes back almost fifteen years, before the moment when our first joint products were finished. This all makes Lählä products very special to us too! It's happiness and joy to create something new together that wouldn't have been born if friendship didn't exist!

Nearby there is joy, comfort and what brings a smile to your face - everything that is also done by it. Nällä products are produced in small batches in Jyväskylä and the products are sold through Ommmeline store.

Everything you can see, hear, feel, smell. That's all that's around here. There is joy, comfort, beauty nearby. The one that puts a smile on your face when you just notice it.