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The store is open Tue-Fri 10-18 and Sat 10-14 The store is open Tue-Fri 10-18 and Sat 10-14
Delivery in 1-3 days to orders in Finland! Delivery in 1-3 days to orders in Finland!
Discounted delivery for orders over €150! Discounted delivery for orders over €150!


Ommellinen's operations are guided by strong values: domestic production, humanity, and happy everyday life. These values are upheld in our daily work.

Domestic Production is undoubtedly one of our strongest pillars. In Finland, things are done carefully and safely across the board. By using domestic partners, we can contribute to employment indirectly and trust that things are done in the best possible way. Another important value is humanity, sufficiency, and joy of life. Every person is valuable, and we hope our clothes give everyone the opportunity to shine. This respect for humanity is also part of our daily work life – working at Ommellinen is much more than just work. We are a family-like community where hard work is done through joy and well-being. Every employee is enabled to work according to their family and other life circumstances. We live a happy everyday life here and wish the same for our customers.


Ommellinen's workspaces are located in Kinkomaa, Muurame. All Ommellinen clothes are made in-house. The work environment is designed to be as functional and safe as possible without compromising comfort. Feel free to take a peek into our sewing workshop when you visit our store. We strive to produce our products as accurately as possible according to demand. Currently, we are managing with limited resources, but by improving our own work efficiency, we succeed in this step by step.

Ommellinen products are made to withstand the twists and turns of everyday life or bring joy to various celebrations. The products are simple, but they always feature a unique Ommellinen touch that is easy to recognize.

In addition to clothing, Ommellinen sells fabrics, home textiles, and accessories. Home textiles, backpacks, and bags are printed and sewn by Printscorpio in Aitoo. Product and care labels are produced by Tuotenauha in Lahti.


We use as many materials made in Finland as possible. Whatever can be economically sourced from here, we certainly acquire. The merino wool we use is mulesing-free and knitted in Orivesi, where cotton knit and bamboo jersey are also produced. The cotton knit yarn is GOTS-certified. The domestic stretch college knit, which is roughly our most used single material, is knitted in Längelmäki. The yarn for this knit is made in Germany. The ribbings are also knitted in Längelmäki. These knits are dyed by Värisävy in Nivala. Printscorpio prints our Lycra in Aitoo, with the raw material made of recycled polyester produced in Italy.

Cotton-based printed fabrics are produced for us in Lithuania (about 90%) and Poland (10%). The yarn for the knit printed in Lithuania is produced in Germany and knitted into fabric in Poland, with the cotton used in the jersey being organic. Unfortunately, this material has to travel across several countries, but fortunately, after printing, the entire final processing happens with us, and the product is sent directly to the customer. The base materials made in Poland are all GOTS-certified, making the origin of the cotton traceable.

For supplementary items such as product cards, packaging materials, etc., we work strongly with local suppliers. All printed paper goods are made for us in Äänekoski by Keski-Suomen Painotuote, near Jyväskylä. Advertising products, stickers, and others are produced by Serimedia Oy in Muurame. Packaging materials are made for us by Pussikeskus in Helsinki. We use plastic-free kraft paper double bags for shipping. Since our production is in the same space as our online store warehouse, products do not need to be separately packed for storage, but we can pack the product directly for the customer according to orders. Purchases from the store are taken home in Cabassi paper bags made in Valkeakoski.


We take care of the environment by recycling waste as best we can. We donate cutting scraps and all other possible small reusable items, such as empty thread spools.

Of the materials we use, only polyester is recycled, and we hope to improve this in the future and find high-quality and durable recycled materials.

When considering environmental issues, we believe our level of domestic production ensures that everything is done in the best possible way while respecting the environment. We also believe in the long life of our clothes and that a high-quality garment itself is already an environmental act.

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