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It all began when Liisa Häkli, a special education teacher, set out on a mission to find unique and personal clothing for her own children. As she scoured the market, she found nothing that matched her vision. She then decided to take matters into her own hands and began making clothes herself. Little did she know this simple quest would soon turn into a thriving business known as Ommellinen.  

Liisa started a blog and showcased her passionate sewing hobby, right from her attic at home. It was year 2014 and Liisa’s goal was to be able to stay longer at home with the kids. A solution for this was to sew and sell some clothes to her friends. Soon her designs started to get interest from not only friends, but others as well. Then it was obvious that a beloved hobby had the potential to become a real business.  

As we can see today, Ommellinen has taken huge steps outside of the attick at home and today employs three handfuls of talented professionals. The first years of Ommellinen are a great affirmation that good things happen when you are open to new possibilities, and you are willing to work hard to succeed.  

The first years were filled with hard work and surprises. There was subcontracting and an acquisition of a fabric business. Kids at home and a home filled with fabrics. In the beginning of the third year of Ommellinen’s story, kids started their journey at school and daycare and then there was more time for the business. During the fourth year, Liisa’s husband Jesse joined to work at the company full-time and first employees came in. The subcontracting ended, the chain was closed, and all production was now in Ommellinen’s own hands. 

Ever since, every new employee has brought a unique set of skills and expertise, where each and every one of us became integral to the success of Ommellinen. Production has always been in the core of our daily operation, but as the business has grown, more people are needed in various other roles too. Every one of us is committed to our Ommellinen family and to working towards our common goals. It is priceless that we have such a committed and open work community.  

We have the best team and the atmosphere here and we truly believe that what we do is so meaningful to us and to many others as well. We are so happy and proud of our work and our new facilities have brought our operations to the next level. We built our new facilities during the years 2021-2022 ourselves and now we have a space that looks like Ommellinen and serves its purpose so well. All of our operations take place in these facilities - our store, designing, production, storage and all the lovely moments of interaction. Fresh and functional facilities mean a flow in our everyday operations, security and beauty, which we can enjoy every day at work.     

Our days are filled with fast moves, laughter, innovations, colors, prints, beauty and softness. We work hard but we also have fun together and we take care of each other. We truly believe that our work with Finnish clothing production is important. 
We are so delighted that you are on this journey with us.

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