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Kesän ihanimmat festariasut – mikä on Sinun suosikkisi? - Ommellinen

The most wonderful party outfits of the summer - which is your favorite?

Rain or shine, summer is made of experiences and events. Do you have tickets in your pocket for your favorite festivals? Then the next step is to think about what your own party style is like! We at Ommelinella collected a few of our favorite outfits inspired by the most popular events of the summer.

The best outfit transforms into both sweltering heat and surprising wind, that's why you should prefer to dress in layers. When the evening gets cold or there is a sudden downpour, it is best to have warm clothes with you. The Maximekko always worked and its hem protects against reindeer, ants or mosquitoes depending on the situation. For the upper part, you should reserve a warm merino wool pants or a casual, stylish leisure jacket. A new batch of casual jackets is about to be finished! At festivals, you can also happily dress up a little and dress differently from everyday life - that's what the wonderful patterns and charming colors are for. The best outfit doesn't stay in the closet even after summer trips, but gets used again and again.

Ruisrock look

Put on the classics that always work. Musta Mekkonen is not boring but stylish and can be livened up with accessories that match your style. Put on some casual sneakers and you're ready to dance until morning!

Pori Jazz look

A picnic blanket, delicious snacks and gently blaring jazz - you won't be a wallflower in this dress . Shine and compete with the sun in a colorful and cheerful dress.

Finland Pop-look

No one can be down when wearing giraffe pants . These should not be called Favorite pants, because they are stylishly sharp and charmingly comfortable at the same time. The upper part can be combined with black or white in the form of a favorite shirt , and the best thing is when you get to match together with a friend!

Hanko's Regatta look

Hoo-hoo, the track is visible! A classic stripe is suitable for maritime moods, but this time updated with the freshest shades of summer. Is your choice classic red or cheerful yellow ? You can find both options in the online store. As an opponent of the wind blowing in from the sea, you can also pack a lounger in the bag and put it on if necessary.

Iskelmäfestarit look

Let the skirt dance to the rhythm of the dance. The most beautiful skirt of the summer has sunflowers and a beautifully flowing hem. A belt that can be tied at the waist as a beautiful detail. On this trip, you should forget the clumsy handbags and slip the things into a drawstring backpack that matches the outfit .

When the outfit is ready, it's time to enjoy music, people and time with friends.

Enjoyable summer of events!

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