Kesän parhaat paketit ovat pehmeitä – nappaa vinkit lahjoihin! - Ommellinen

The best packages of the summer are soft - get tips for gifts!

It's a pleasure to bring a gift or something warm to summer parties. But what to give as a gift, that's the only question! Of course, one would hope that the gift will be liked by the recipient, bring joy and end up being used hard. By buying domestically, the gift not only makes the recipient feel good, but also the person who made it. Sewing clothes and bedding are sewn in Jyväskylä.

For a child

The handy drawstring backpack is suitable for both the beach and the city. A backpack that fits into a small space is easy to take with you, and rumor has it that schoolchildren think these look really cool.

Ommelni also offers clothing gifts for children in sizes 86-152. Wrap the package in a cute dress or a practical t-shirt, there are plenty of patterns and colors to choose from.

Drawstring backpacks

For the wedding couple

Ommelien's bed linen is love at first sight, because the dream-soft cotton satin bed linen will accompany the wedding couple towards happy dreams. Choose the pattern you like best for the gift recipients, there are many options, from romantic roses to cool owls.

Stitched bedding

To a friend

Would it be wonderful to give a gift of domestic clothes, but you are not sure of the gift recipient's style or clothing size? A gift card is always a safe choice and you can easily make a purchase online or by visiting our store in Jyväskylä.

sewn gift card