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Kipinä ompeluun ja yrittämiseen syttyy Ommellisella - Ommellinen

The spark for sewing and trying is ignited at Ommelella

Annukka Mankinen belongs to a sewing group that works actively in Tampere. At the meetings of the sewing group, you can meet mothers with babies and children. However, the up-to-date chat discussion takes place online among the 500-strong membership, as is the case nowadays.  So there is no question of a granny club, but meetings are organized in the current way, e.g. in the name of "lans". The age range of the group is between 15 and 70 years, so you can find passionate sewing enthusiasts in all age groups.

Every year, the group makes a sewing-related trip, and along the same trip, we try to gather more places to get to know each other. This year, the trip went to the Jyväskylä area and Ommmelinen's store.

—We felt very welcome. None of us had ever been to Ommelinella before. In addition to the clothes and fabrics, we were impressed by the beautiful and neat display in the store, Annukka says.

Doing things Finnish is important

After the visit, we talked a lot about how valuable doing business in Finland is. As handicraft enthusiasts, many may dream of turning their hobby into bread work, but few are able to do it. For this reason, Ommelinen's visit was a particularly great example for us that even a craft entrepreneur can succeed in Finland if there is enough will.

—Liisa's way of paying attention to people personally is impressive. Ommellinen can also be given a special mention for the fact that the service is not just selling. As a side product, you get encouragement and competent advice. The joy of success is shared together with customers.

Attention is paid to the life cycle of clothes

— Sighs of love could be heard here and there. The patterns of the fabrics are praised for their creativity and diversity. Ommelinen's selection includes unique items and many different glass patterns that are praised for their creativity, says Maire Korhonen , CEO of Keljonkanka Marttoten. The Martta association, operating in the neighborhood of Ommelinen, visited Ommelinen in early 2018.

Among traditional fabric stores, Ommmelinen's fabrics and prints are a refreshing addition to the selections offered by current chain stores. When you get to feel the fabrics and materials yourself, you immediately know how the material works in practice. Color matching and shades come out as they really are.

As part of Martto's ideology, from a consumer point of view, they appreciate products that can withstand time and use. There is no praise for the disposable culture of clothes, you want to choose a durable product for your shopping basket.

After traditional fabric stores have disappeared from the street scene in recent years, Online stores have become popular.

—Ommelinen's factory store is definitely worth a visit. This place is suitable for all those who are interested in sewing, as well as those who like Finnish, bold and distinctive clothing style. This is where the spark for sewing was ignited, says Maire Korhonen.

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Stitch location:

  • approx. 10 km from the center of Jyväskylä
  • Along Säynätsalontie, next to Sääksjärvi beach
  • Along bus routes 16 and 21 of Jyväskylä traffic

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Wednesdays 10-18

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