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Ommellisen Teija – enemmän kuin ompelija - Ommellinen

Teija of sewing - more than a seamstress

Even if the hobby leads to studies in the field, not everyone is necessarily able to make it a job for themselves. Instead, Teija Byman-Väisänen did this. She trained as an artisan seamstress and has worked in the clothing industry ever since. He joined Ommelinen's payroll in 2017, as the company's first paid employee.

Teija says that the working day hasn't changed much since the early days, even though the company's collection, staff and operations as a whole have grown rapidly. Work methods are constantly refined to become more efficient with proven operating methods. He states that the new models bring with them production planning that keeps motivation and interest up. Working days are mostly spent at the sewing machine, but at the same time we are already thinking about the next project. The rush is present every day, the destination just changes.

What does the employee feel like being rushed?

In practice, the speed is on all the time in the sewing machine. Seasons and the launch of new designs and clothes have the greatest impact on operations. The fair has its own chapter in production work. Large quantities of products are produced for the trade fair and must be ready by a certain date.

—I see the rush as a positive thing, it's a sign that our products are liked and we're doing things right! In a hurry, scheduling and prioritization comes first. Let's finish one thing in peace and focus on it, then move on to the next project, says Teija.

Personally, he says that he manages the rush by drawing a clear limit on working time and zeroing in on work matters during the 30 km journey home. Tinkering at home takes your thoughts elsewhere. At home, we focus on the people and things there. Family, household chores and outdoor activities bring a good counterbalance to everyday life.

Participating in an amazing growth story

As the company grows at a fast pace, the employees get a vantage point to watch the growth and the work being done for it.

—This growth has been amazing, and it's wonderful to be a part of it. Although growth requires hard work from everyone, a good and relaxed atmosphere is the best thing Ommelilla has. Although the work is done systematically and efficiently, an exact handprint is kept in the process. The feeling of being able to create great clothes that make you feel good is the essence of everything.

The finished garment is the greatest reward for the work

A good atmosphere enables the participation of all employees in things other than their own work. In addition to sewing, Teija is well aware of the situation in the warehouse. In addition, he wants to be clear about how long the work steps really take and what work methods can be used to eliminate unnecessary steps. In addition to routine work, he gets to influence collections and production operations.

—I feel great satisfaction when I see finished, finished clothes lined up on a hanger. Many of our customers may not even guess how many stages they have gone through before they have ended up being sold. But customers don't even have to think about it, because if we make them feel good with Ommmeline's clothing, our goal has been achieved.

Photo: Nora Niemispelto

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