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Pidä huolta merinovillaisesta aarteestasi - Ommellinen

Take care of your merino wool treasure

The sewn merino wool products are soft and feel pleasant on the skin, because merino wool is the finest and thinnest of the wool qualities. Merino wool does not itch or sting even sensitive skin, but brings warmth and happiness. The popularity of merino wool in the Finnish winter is undeniable, but because the material is breathable and does not rub, it is also suitable for use all year round. Merino wool is used in thin and high-quality knitwear. merino woolRelaxing jackets , Panchos and accessories .

The merino wool used by Ommelinen is ethical, mulesing-free wool produced from South American merino sheep. Villa is Oeko-Tex certified. L Anka is made in Italy and knitted In Orivede, Orneulei, just over a hundred kilometers away from Ommelinen's work premises.


Care instructions for merino wool clothing

Correct maintenance of the garment increases its lifespan and ecology. Thanks to its good properties, a merino wool garment can be your forever friend, as long as you remember to take care of it properly. Stains should be removed immediately, but otherwise merino wool rarely needs washing, as the wool fiber naturally repels dirt. The sewn merino wool knits have been treated with a superwash treatment, thanks to which they can withstand wool washing in the machine as well. The most important maintenance procedure is however ventilation or resting in freezing snow. By airing the garment in the open air, it freshens and any odors disappear. The greatest desire of your merino wool treasure is to get some air, and that's what we all long for sometimes :)

The leisure jacket is a merino wool cardigan

Wrapping up in a merino woolRelaxing Jacket increases happiness and warmth. The jacket is versatile all year round and can be easily combined with different situations and outfits.

Washing instructions for merino wool clothing

Individual stains or darkening on the cuffs should be removed immediately and you can use, for example, bile soap. But if the garment needs comprehensive washing, it should be washed with the washing machine's wool program inside out at 30 degrees. Use a wool detergent with a pH below 7. Do not add fabric softener. Remember that merino wool tends to shrink in the wash, so after washing it should be carefully shaped to its correct dimensions and dried as horizontally as possible. Beware of overstretching. The dried garment can be gently ironed from the wrong side with the lowest heat of the iron or through a damp towel. Any extra mechanical rubbing should be avoided with wool. However, if the knitwear rubs and there is a knot, you can gently pull it out of the knitwear by hand, so that the end of the fiber closes again

Store your beautiful merino wool treasure airily, folded on a shelf. You can also hang the light sweater on a padded hanger.

merino wool poncho

With the help of a shirt poncho, i.e. Pancho , you double the number of your outfits, because Pancho can be combined with, for example, a dress, tunic or jeans. Pancho has a big collar, open sides and long sleeves.

How do you remove electricity from a merino wool garment?

In winter, when the frost dries the air, the air humidity decreases and the electricity increases. Here at Ommelilla, there is a lot of electricity in the air, especially during severe frosts, because our sewing factory and warehouse are all under the same roof. We process a lot of materials at whirring sewing machines, and this contributes to the birth of electricity. So your new Sewn Treasure may feel electric at first and stick to the skin, but don't worry, the electricity of the merino wool garment decreases the more the garment is worn and aired.

When feeling electric, it's good to take care of the skin's own moisture and rub moisturizer on your hands and feet before getting dressed. Also avoid anything made of artificial fibers, both clothes and bedding, as they increase electricity.

You can also try to remove electricity by hand wiping the wrong side of the garment with a very mild mixture of washing-up liquid and water, or by spraying a store-bought electricity remover. However, please make sure the product is suitable for your clothes . Gently stroking the garment with a metal hanger, both inside and outside, can also ease and release electricity.

Please take good care of your merino wool treasure, and we promise it will give you love and warmth back for a long time!


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