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Vaatelaastarilla jatkat vaatteen käyttöikää - Ommellinen

With a clothing patch, you extend the life of the garment

Have you tried Clothing Patches yet? Vaastelaastari is a great Finnish innovation, which allows you to easily extend the life of your inner and outer clothing. The patch is therefore a real eco-product and a responsible choice!

In our opinion, every piece of clothing is valuable and we hope that everyone can enjoy their favorite piece of clothing for as long as possible. Sometimes, however, it can and does happen: a small hole appears in your favorite pants or a grease stain on your favorite shirt won't come off even in the wash. That's when Vaatelaastari rushes to the rescue!

Whether you want to patch, cover or decorate - Vaatelaastari offers an easy and quick solution. The patch attaches easily by rubbing in a few minutes, without ironing or sewing. Repairing can be done, for example, on a hiking trip or on a skiing slope! 

Repairing clothes is an eco-friendly act in itself, but the knowledge that the fabric of Vaatelaatar is made from plastic bottle waste increases responsibility. The patch is suitable for most textiles, both flexible and non-elastic. For example, tracksuit bottoms, sweatpants, shoes, chairs, backpacks and training clothes can be easily renewed with the help of a patch. The product patched with a clothes patch is recommended to be washed at max 40 degrees and it can withstand tumble drying and ironing. More detailed instructions for use can be found in the package.

This is how you patch, cover or decorate with a Clothing patch:

1. Choose a suitable size patch and peel off the Clothing Patch slightly from the fabric side, avoid touching the adhesive surface.

2. Place the exposed area on a clean cloth. Slide off the backing paper.

3. The patch is attached by rubbing strongly with a blunt object (e.g. a spoon) pressing against a hard surface for about a minute. It's ready! Easy or what?

Wait at least 3 days for the first wash, avoid wetting and strong stretching, so that the patch has time to stick permanently.

Vaatelaastari® are manufactured by Oukiat Design Oy from Oulu. Ommmelinen's selection includes two different sets, one with Ommmelinen's own patterns and the other with the popular Babushka Roses pattern. Both sets contain 4 flexible sticker slots: 

• 1 black oval (size 7.5 x 11 cm)

• 2 pcs round Stitched or Babushka with Roses designs (diameter 7 cm)

• 1 pc yellow heart (diameter 4 cm)


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