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Kiitos kaikille asiakaskyselyyn vastanneille! - Ommellinen

Thank you to everyone who answered the customer survey!

We arranged a year at the beginning of to our customers the survey to find out where are succeeded and where in matters we could improve . A survey the results are in now packaged and top the feeling is gratitude from that _ so multi wanted to answer and help us to develop our activities . We got it in all almost 2700 answers and huge quantity good feedback .  

Thank you wonderful About sewing ! You guys have a great one stance the world towards although the chosen field is not easy . Domesticity is for oneself ever such important and top see how thence at your place is held closed . Yours merits I am at last another dared again to think own dressing up with the thought : be visible ! And that brings for yourself vastly good feel ! Likewise than yours of fabrics sewing :)”  

It's wonderful to see that being from home is as important to you as it is to us. Most of you chose domesticity as the first value that comes to mind from Ommeljen. Domesticity is undoubtedly one of our strongest pillars. We trust that things are done carefully and safely in Finland, and by using domestic operators and materials we can do our part to support Finnish work.

"Definitely the fact that the products are so far domestic! I appreciate that and when I buy from Ommelline, I feel good knowing that I am supporting the Finnish clothing industry."

Quality and comfort also received a lot of votes, and they are also the starting points for everything we do. Ommelien's products are made to last and bring joy to everyday life and celebrations. The products are simple, but there is always some sewing juju in them, which is easy to recognize.

You have succeeded in developing very simple but stylish clothes that are both extremely comfortable to wear and practical, but also suitable for birthday parties. Big fan of yours :)”

Ommelinen's brick-and-mortar store was praised for being cozy and that it's nice to shop there and meet familiar, happy faces. It's also great to know that the products are created on the other side of the wall and to hear the sewing machines whirring. Ommelinen's customer service was considered friendly and we are particularly pleased with that. Some of the respondents were upset when they live further away and haven't been able to visit our store or can't order from the online store without arranging the product. We promise to help in this matter and do more live broadcasts where the clothes are presented on models of different sizes. Hopefully it would help you better understand how the garment fits your body type. 

A few of you also gave us good ideas for developing our operations. From time to time, our customer service is busy and it may take a while to respond to messages. Here, however, we promise to rock even further and reserve more resources for social media as well. We apologize if you have had to wait for an answer from us! Someone also wished for a more active service in the store, and we have already agreed on new operating methods for this. A customer service situation always requires social skills and a verbal interpretation of the customer's wishes. We are in our store for you, so don't hesitate to give us a thumbs up if you need help with your selections!

"I hope you get the new office ready :) I gave a rating of 9 for doing business in the store instead of a full ten because doing business in the store is sometimes cramped."

Already speaking with enthusiasm here, we let our ideas fly and our thoughts flow. You gave us a lot of ingredients for the future and we will do our best to take them into account in our future activities. Glimpses of our everyday life came to the top of your wish list, and we will take up this challenge immediately. You also wished for more sewing tips, clothing demonstrations and live shows, and we promise to fulfill them.

 "I hope that the lives will continue, because they are great and sewing together is rewarding."

"Sometimes there was a video on insta that showed how to use Ommelinen's patterns and how to start working with them into a garment. These types of "tip videos" are of interest, at least to a beginner sewist like me."

" The happiness and joy that radiates from your work! The live shows are great, especially when the novelties can be seen on many people of different sizes and heights. Makes it easier to order online during the corona virus. " 

The year 2022 will be unique for Ommellinen, as there will be new fabrics, patterns and clothes as well as the much-awaited move to new, wonderful premises in the spring. We want to continue to openly share our journey with you, and we promise fast-paced snapshots of Ommmeline's everyday life - joy, creativity and the joy of working together.

We feel warm that our products and our activities bring joy and color to so many people's everyday lives and how closely you want to travel this journey together with us.

For us, you are the color of everyday life and the ultimate reason for the existence of Ommmelinen - so thank you very much for being there!

Thanks to you, I have started sewing clothes myself. In addition, the wardrobe is not full of black clothes, but of colors and patterns."

" A big thank you to the entire Ommelinen team for all the wonderful things you make. You exude strong competence and the joy of doing things, which are transmitted to the customer. Clothes take on a special meaning when you know who made them. " 

This is good to continue, thank you very much to everyone who answered <3

Hope Liisa and the entire Ommmeline team

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