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Rentoilutakki sopii niin toimistoon kuin kotoiluunkin - Ommellinen

The casual jacket is suitable for the office as well as for leisure at home

The idea of ​​relaxed and neat, a reliable friend for many situations, has been the starting point of Rentoilutak. A few years ago, long, stylish and spectacular cardigans appeared in the street scene from time to time - We immediately thought that this is what we want.

The sewing journey was still relatively early when these thoughts arose, and many clothes were based in many parts on some previous pattern. Of course, this is often still the case, but nowadays we dare to start even from an empty table. For the first couple of years, our favorite item of clothing was clearly a hooded tunic, and so we set out to make a casual jacket based on that pattern. Why reinvent the wheel when the basic elements are already in place?

The casual jacket has raglan sleeves and a slightly shaped, long cuff. The front edges of the jacket meet at the front, but in use the jacket is meant to live next to its wearer, bringing warmth. The jacket has a big hood, which brings showiness, but at the same time increases practicality. The jacket also has large pockets that can hold all kinds of treasures. The pockets are sewn on top of the jacket, so that even heavy items do not pull the jacket annoyingly sideways. Wrapping yourself in this jacket creates happiness.

Leisure jackets are made in Finland

Relaxation jackets are mainly made from domestic elastic sweatshirt knitted in Längelmäki or 100% merino wool knitted in Orivede. Merino wool is mulesing-free and its softness feels pleasant against the skin. Our happiness increases when we know that this product is also manufactured in Finland, down to the materials. 

The leisure jacket is multi-purpose

Since the beginning, the Casual jacket has been one of the favorite products in our collection. A garment suitable for different styles and situations, which you can wear indoors or in the spring as an overcoat to bring a little warmth. The leisure jacket is also suitable for a party thanks to the long hem and very neat, straight model. For example, Lempihaalari , Knotmutunika or Luottopaita are perfect under the casual jacket. Why not a Luottomekko dress or any other lovely summer dress in the summer. A leisure jacket is an excellent clothing choice all year round, and we believe that thanks to its versatility, none of those who bought a jacket over the years will regret their choice. Would the jacket already have the makings of a classic? Maybe, at least based on the number of users.

And hey – the brave can also ride a bike wearing this! Put on your jacket and hit the pedals - you'll feel like Batman in his den :)

Lots of color changes

There are several lovely color options for the leisure jacket. What is your favorite?


Take care of your product

The leisure jacket is made of high-quality and durable material that withstands use well. The elastic sweat jacket should be washed inside out at 40°C in delicate wash, and for merino wool we recommend airing, wool washing only if necessary inside out at 30°C.

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