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The store is open Tue-Fri 10-18 and Sat 10-14 The store is open Tue-Fri 10-18 and Sat 10-14
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Kun Annukka astuu sisään, Ommellisen tehtaanmyymälän valtaa hymy - Ommellinen

When Annukka enters, the Ommelinen factory store is overcome by a smile

The website tells the story of a company that makes eye-poppingly beautiful products. You can read between the lines how important customers are to Ommellinen. When you also encounter the same atmosphere in the company's factory store, you can say that the company's message has been genuine.

— Ommelille has warm owners, says Annukka Okkonen, Ommelille's regular customer for many years.

—I usually order the products from the online store, but I pick them up directly from the factory store. Often other products are also taken from the store. The most interesting are the clothes that haven't even made it to the online store yet. You can also find finds in the store, which are unique individual pieces and which are made from patterns or fabrics other than those that ended up in larger production.

Annukka is a former entrepreneur herself and has followed Ommmelinen's development with interest from the customer's point of view. As a professional in the service industry, he gives Ommelinen's service a full ten.

—For some people, good customer service is natural, it comes naturally. That's exactly how it is here.

In the factory store, you can arrange and jump

Liisa Häkli, the owner of Ommelinen, says that the factory store gives them the perfect opportunity to meet customers and hear opinions. Some of the clients have become so familiar to him that when they meet, they also ask about the client's family.

Since Ommelille has no other retailers, it is only possible to buy products from its own online store or factory store. There, customers have a unique opportunity to try on clothes and browse products. The "feel of the buttons" is an important element for some customers when shopping for clothes and fabric.

In the factory store, you can also make discoveries that never make it to the online store. Ommmelinen's sewing room is located in the same building, so it is natural that the clothes go to the sales rack faster than to the online store pages.

Monitoring demand and customer feedback is important

Many of the customers order the products from the online store, but come to pick up the products themselves on site. Novelty products are highly sought after, so customers are alert when they go on sale. The first sale batch is often sold out quickly, after which the second sale batch is eagerly awaited.

—We learn to understand our customers' needs more all the time, when we follow the demand for products and customer feedback. We develop our services with these issues in mind. In practice, this means developing the online store, reorganizing the staff's work and creating different forms of customer service both in the store, on social media and in the online store, says Häkli.

Ommelinen's online store and Facebook pages tell a story that you want to dive into yourself.

It can be done at Ommelinen's factory store, which is located in Jyväskylä's Sarvivuoeri.

The opening hours of the factory store are changing!

The factory store is open two days a week from the beginning of 2018: Wednesdays and Saturdays. On weekdays, the doors open at 10 a.m. and the store closes at 6 p.m. On Saturdays, the store is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Factory store visits for groups

Our factory store is also open to various groups. We also open our doors for group travelers outside of normal opening hours. Ask more about visiting the factory store at 044 239 7469.

Photo: Kerttu Pylvänäinen

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