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Kun yrittämisen harrastaminen päättyi, alkoi oikea työ - Ommellinen

When the hobby of trying ended, the real work began

In addition to romance, hard work is a true picture of that reality, which has made Ommeljä a credible brand.

The beginning of Ommelien's story is similar to what many people dream of. It all started at home at the sewing machine, where clothes were sewn first for my own and then for my friends' children. After that, they started writing a blog that gathered around them a group of sincere admirers. In the end, the hobby expanded so that Liisa Häkli took her dream by the hand and quit her day job as a teacher and became a full-time entrepreneur. According to him, doing hard work in itself is not something to be admired, but if the work itself generally feels good, a lot of people do it without realizing it.

To some, it may seem that things have rolled forward as if by themselves. In a way, this is the case, because the opportunities have been seized as soon as they have hit the spot. The takeover of the fabric manufacturer's business, own sewing shop and moving to new premises were decisions made at that moment, but strategically aimed at a clear goal. The purpose of sewing is to grow.

At the moment, the lights in Ommelinen's house come on at seven in the morning and go off at roughly the same time in the evening. A lot happens during the day. On the sewing side, Ritva Virolainen cuts and Teija Byman-Väisänen sews what they can. Together with Liisa, they design products and take care of inventory management. Liisa's husband , Jesse Häkli , has taken over the management of the online store, finances and matters related to accounting. Transports related to wholesale sales, payment transactions and communication with customers also take time.

Liisa's task is to take care of everything else that falls in between. Cutting fabrics and managing the store take up a large part of the time. In addition to this, fabrics are rolled, clothes are finished, customers are served and the overall operation is kept together. More time was freed up for Liisa's design work by hiring a new employee, Suvi Böhm . Ommelinen's work community cherishes the idea that work can be fun and that all employees can express their opinions and influence the course of things.

It is important to Liisa that customers' opinions can still be heard in customer service. He wants to enjoy the experiences that clothes and fabrics bring to customers. By listening to his own preferences and customers' thoughts, he wants to keep Ommelinen up to date.

A company cannot succeed if the know-how revolves only around the business idea. In addition to a good idea, it is at least as important to see the whole and understand the financial figures. In addition, you need a touch of courage, a small piece of madness and the ability to make quick decisions. Even though Ommmelinen appears to its customers as a creator and seller of products that arouse great emotions and admiration, behind the scenes we work hard for success.

However, the secret that maintains Ommelinen's success is probably that it was not created by creation, but rather it was born by itself. As Liisa Häkli, the founder and owner of Ommelinen, says:

— We didn't choose this, Ommelinen chose us. The good was easy to continue.

Photo: Anne Lius-Liimatainen

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