Mitä kotimaisuus minulle merkitsee? - Ommellinen

What does domesticity mean to me?

Domesticity is the fact that when I open the door to the workplace in the morning, I can already hear the steady hum of the machine from inside. It's that I know eight other people share this responsibility with me.

Domesticity means that I know the favorite food of the person who sewed the clothes and I know that they enjoy their work. I also know that he always does his work with quality and heart. I also know that in exchange for his work, he gets a monthly salary and an employer who understands life and work more broadly.

Domesticity means that I can drive a few tens of kilometers away to see how our monochrome stretch jeans are knitted. It's that I get to the new partner's premises to see what different steps are involved in fabric printing. The fact that I get videos and texts when our own products start to be ready.

It's also the fact that on Sunday morning, with a hot morning coffee, I get to think about new patterns, colors and possibilities with the pattern designers. It's that I get to see and participate in the completion of fabric art.

Being domestic is also the fact that you can forget many things in the midst of all the hustle and bustle and still succeed. The fact that you can call, ask for help and get stickers, product cards, etc. quickly, directly to your doorstep. It is also the fact that the manufacturer of sewing marks calls and presents an improvement proposal to the plan made.

Domesticity is responsibility. Caring for people and our environment. Being domestic means that you can get to our workplaces and see how your clothes are made.

Domesticity is about caring and working together.

Liisa Häkli, entrepreneur of Ommelinen