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Näin käytät Ommellisen kaavoja - Ommellinen

This is how you use Ommelinen's formulas

I love sewing; the process when fabric becomes a favorite garment. Instead, I like to leave the preparations to less people. Ommelinen's formulas were born from this philosophy. I hope they will get you to your favorite wood more quickly and leave the preparatory steps to less.

Find the pattern and the matching fabric online, in the selection of our online store or come to our fabric store in Kinkomaa, near Jyväskylä. We help you choose the right pattern and fabric for your needs!

Easy and clear formula instructions

Ommelinen's patterns have one garment per sheet, so the sheet is visually clear and easy to interpret. You can also find important signs in the songs at a glance. We try to avoid the use of pins by ironing the pattern onto the fabric and aligning the pieces using hack marks.

The patterns are complete, so it's easy for you to compare pieces with your favorite clothes and ensure the right size. The patterns include 1 cm seam allowances, so the pattern parts you cut are guaranteed to fit together and there will be no misses. 

Choosing your own size from the formula

Choosing your own size is influenced by your own preference, how loose or tight you like clothes. Our customers of the same size may choose clothes of completely different sizes, one likes a more fitting option than the other. You can find the measurements of the finished garment in the pattern package, or check the measurements on our website and compare them with your own flexible, favorite garment. Compare at least the underarm-armpit, shoulder-hem and shoulder-shoulder measurements. Another option is to compare the pattern to an existing garment. Place the garment on the pattern and see which size would be right for you. Remember that seam allowances have already been added to the pattern. 

It is also possible for you to try on a ready-made garment made from the same pattern in our store and thus check your own size.

How to use the iron-on pattern sheet

You can use Ommelien's patterns in many different ways:

You can iron Ommmeline's patterns directly onto the fabric. It is worth cutting the pattern into a few parts, which makes ironing easier. After ironing, cut the template parts of your size from the sheet and at the same time from the fabric. The advantages of ironing are that the parts of the pattern are dimensionally accurate. The fabric is ironed at the same time and it makes sewing easier. By ironing, you also don't need button pins. If you're making several garments at once, with the ironing technique you can more reliably cut several fabrics on top of each other — as many as your scissors can handle!

You can also first cut out the sizes from the pattern sheet, iron them onto the fabric and then cut the fabric according to the pieces.

You can also use the pattern in the traditional way and reproduce the pattern on the pattern paper material of your choice. Iron-on pattern paper is available in Ommelinen's online store and store if you want to try iron-on, but want to keep the pattern sheet intact.

What should be considered before using the formula?

In our formula sheets, the formulas are whole, not halves as we are often used to in formula magazines. Organize a space for yourself so that you can handle a large pattern sheet. If you iron the pattern, make sure you have a base to iron on. For example, put towels on the table as an ironing board so that the surface of the table is not damaged. Some of our customers say that they iron on a smooth carpet. Iron with as little heat as possible. Test how low heat the formula sticks to the fabric, then you can use the sheet several times. It is possible to iron the pattern on the sheet about five times if the ironing temperature has been low enough. Of course, the material and surface of the fabric affect the number of uses. Our ironing record is more than 20 catches! If the adhesive surface of the formula no longer works, you can continue using the formula like a normal paper formula.

With a pattern video, we will sew the garment with you

When you buy the Ommelinen kaava, you get written sewing instructions and a link to the instructional video. The formula will be sent to you by mail and you will receive a link to the instructional video in your email when we process your order. The formula is delivered to you in a cardboard box, where you can keep all the parts of the formula after use, so that they remain with you for the next use. With the instructional video, we sew the garment step by step. You can sew along or watch the work steps in advance.

To sew the stitched patterns, you will need a seamstress and a sewing machine equipped with a double needle that can stitch a stretchy stitch. We also use a quilting machine.

Nothing but work

Ommellinen was born out of love for crafts, comfortable clothing and the moment when fabric comes to life as a garment. I hope that with the patterns, more and more people will be able to realize their creativity and enjoy the magic of making things with their hands. Dare to try it yourself and notice how self-made clothing rewards and increases appreciation for clothing and hand-made things. By making it yourself, you get exactly the kind of clothes you want!

Happy sewing times!

Liisa hopes

Ommmelinen's pattern selection already includes more than 20 wonderful clothing models, and we publish new patterns several times a year. Our wide selection of fabrics offers wonderful color and pattern options for your sewing projects. The competent and helpful staff will help you get started and you can always ask if there is something you are thinking about.

Please remember that the formula is only for you and for private use. Sharing and copying the formulas to third parties is prohibited.

Find a pattern for your favorite garment from the versatile pattern selection. Save money and sew your favorite clothes yourself!

Ommelnen is a fabric store near you! Our store is located in Kinkomaa, about 10 km from the center of Jyväskylä in the direction of Tampere. Come and fall in love with our wide and high-quality fabric selection.

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