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Terkkuja Ommelliselta! - Ommellinen

Congratulations from Ommelli!

It's hard to believe that it's only been a month since we moved to our new premises: we've settled in here so well! The facilities are pleasing to the eye, but they also make our work easier and more efficient every day. Our store turned out fantastic and customers have praised its atmosphere, interior design and how the clothes stand out well. We are very happy and satisfied with the end result!

The color scheme of our new offices is carbon black, light wood and sage green. The same color scheme is also repeated in our store. It creates a calm and modern look. In addition to displaying clothes and fabrics, we have invested a lot in the fitting booth area and its comfort. There is a cozy sofa and Raheja for the taste judges and a playground for the little ones. The curtains of fitting booths are long and wide and can be closed well. Each of the five booths is unique, because we designed individual mirrors for them. How many have you already visited?

There is also more space for fabrics, patterns and household products in our new store. Fabrics can be cut even on both sides of the new table and the elastics can be easily found in color order under the table level.

From the sewing room, you can hear the familiar, steady hum of the seamstress and the happy chatter of speech. In our new premises, everything has its place and there is space and airiness for working. The fabric's journey to clothing is smoother and we are better able to do different work steps at the same time. It sounds like some lovely summer clothes are yet to come! We will tell you more about it later.

There is its own section for processing e-commerce orders, and offices have their own offices on the top floor. All other things are in place, but how come I still haven't had time to organize my own room? As you can see from the picture, we are still in a bit of a phase. :) When this is fixed and I still have my own seamstress, I promise to organize regular sewing workshops. We also promise even more clothing stores. Just wait!

And those break rooms - we still stop every break to admire them! The space is really comfortable, cozy and beautiful. The breaks haven't been long, even though we were afraid of that at the beginning, because we have enough work and things to sew. I hope you are doing well there!

Have a wonderful start to the summer and it would be great if you could visit us in the summer!

Liisa said

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